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Join the Thriving Plymouth Hills Community

Buying a home in Plymouth Hills could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. From our convenient location in Plymouth, MI to our surprisingly low costs, Plymouth Hills manufactured home community has everything you could ever want in a home… and more! Located only a few miles from the booming downtown Plymouth, our community and homes are perfect for newlyweds, single-parent households, retirees, and anybody else who appreciates value.
Come check us out at Plymouth Hills!

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Plymouth Hills

14201 N Ridge Rd
Plymouth, MI 48170

Info center (734) 414-9760
Community Office (734)453-5761


Monday – Thursday
10am - 6pm
10am - 4pm
10am - 4pm
By Appointment Only
*Community Office Hours Differ

Sometimes you need to work in the big city, but you don’t want to live in the big city. That’s why areas like Plymouth are so popular — they offer close proximity to job centers like Detroit while maintaining a more relaxed vibe.

When you’re searching for homes for sale in Plymouth, Michigan, discover Plymouth Hills and the lifestyle you’ve been looking for.  When you visit Plymouth Hills, you’ll find affordable housing, community-wide amenities and a true neighborhood feel that you don’t always get in today’s traditional neighborhoods. Make the most of life in Plymouth when you choose Plymouth Hills.

Financing can be a hurdle when searching for homes and apartments in Plymouth, MI. But at AJR Home Sales, we offer a range of different financing options to help ensure you qualify for the home you want. These financing options are available even if you have limited or poor credit. At AJR, we believe that all individuals and families should have access to the dream of home ownership and AJR offers comprehensive financing options in support of that belief.

There’s something special about what happens at Plymouth Hills. Enjoy official community-wide events, as well as informal gatherings hosted by residents. Take advantage of the country club-style clubhouse, sidewalks throughout the community, a children’s playground, trash pickup, snow removal and other amenities. And soak in the thriving community lifestyle that’s becoming harder and harder to find. When searching for homes for sale in Plymouth, MI, come and discover what makes Plymouth Hills so special.

You’ll find that Plymouth Hills reflects the AJR Home Sales commitment to quality. The homes themselves are quality, the community is quality and the customer service strives to reach the highest standards of quality. A quality experience means that you’re free to live the life you want at Plymouth Hills and in Plymouth, MI. Visit us and find out more about the quality life available to you here.

The Amenities are Endless!
Community Country Club Style Clubhouse
Rubbish Collection
Roadway Snow Removal
Basketball Court
Professional On-Site Management
Recreational Area
It was always hard for us to keep up with the bills in our house, and you could tell from our credit going downhill. Fortunately, we found Plymouth Hills. The friendly staff and the neighbors were really inviting. The rent is affordable, we were able to get caught up on all of our bills, and our credit is good enough now that we just bought a new car!! We’re always doing stuff here in the community, like potlucks and neighbor kids’ birthday parties. But, when we do leave, we like going to the movies in downtown Plymouth, which is just down the road.
I live in Hamburg Hills and I love my home. My children are able to play outside in my yard without a worry in the world. It’s not like an apartment stacked on top of one another, we have our own space. I spend time on my deck just reading or playing on my tablet with no disturbances. It’s peaceful and relaxing to be out in my garden tending to the flowers and trees. I couldn’t be happier with my home, the location or the price.
I overcame a lot to get my life back on track. It took a lot of work, but eventually I fixed my credit, too. The people at Coventry Woods worked things out with me, and I’ll never forget the day I became a homeowner rather than a renter. We had a big barbecue at the clubhouse, and all my friends and neighbors came by!
Our home in Deerfield Estates could not make me happier. Everything from the sales experience, to the neighbors, to the clubhouse pool makes living here great! I even moved my mother in down the street from me. I love it here at Deerfield Estates.
Ridgewood must be the nicest manufactured home community in the state. The management is great, our beautiful community pool, and the affordability all make life here so great!
The best part about living in Hartland Meadows is... everything! I grew up in this community and ended up buying my own home a few streets over from my childhood home. I cannot imagine living anywhere else.